The Crystal Cayes

“Tis like a great diadem of jewels arrayed upon the brow of the heaven, and if it be the ornament of some fair and gracious lady, those milky strands of nebula must surely be the hair of her powdered wig.”
- Captain Alleard Losavio, well known Pirate and much less well known Poet.

Much of the Koronus expanse may be said to be ‘known but undiscovered’, that is, within the Expanse many areas may be named and more or less placedupon a chart of the region, but not much more may be said of those areas. One such place is the area of space known colloquially to voidfarers as the Crystal Cayes. Lying just off one of the most trafficked warp routes to the Foundling Worlds, this dense nebula of gasses and lesser star systems is known to many but remains largely unexplored and uncharted, likely in large part due to the fact that even the most stable warp routes in that part of space have a reputation of being unreliable and difficult to navigate under the best of circumstances.

With its proximity to a primary warp route, the large number of minor systems that are clustered within the nebula, and an ill omened if well deserved reputation due to the fickle twisting of the warp in the region, it should come as no surprise that the Crystal Cayes harbors more than its fair share of pirates, smugglers and other spacer scum. A number of notorious vessels are suspected of operating from within the Crystal Cayes, including the infamous black frigate known as The Legacy of Cavorite.

It is said that the Equus Malus was last seen patrolling these routes…

The Crystal Cayes

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