Pyx/Chiv Z-01x Scan Information

Original Thulian Explorator Fleet notes:

Stellar Class: B6IV
Orbital Bodies: 2
Primus: Terrestrial World, initial scans negative for civilization; survey for mineral exploitation recommended
Secondus: Gas Giant, initial scans promising for promethium processing, further survey recommended.
Notes: System is quite idyllic, according to Master Navigator Bernardus. Warp interference in local space minimal. Both planets seem to hold extensive mineral wealth, exploitation of which will provide the Adeptus with much needed supplies in the Expanse. Recommend full manufactorum facilities if initial scans are confirmed.

Initial Deep Void Auger Scan by the Vengeful Hammer of Dawn
Stellar Class: B6IV
Orbital Bodies: 3
Primus: Terrestrial World, well inside life zone; some indications of mineral deposit.
Secundus: Teerrestrial World, no signs of civilization; indications of mineral deposits
Tertius: Gas Giant, seems to match Thulian scan data.

  • 5 satellites, 3 seeming inert, 1 large ‘taiga’, 1 volcanic

Pyx/Chiv Z-01x Scan Information

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