Vengeful Hammer of Dawn

An ancient ship, revived, refitted, and returned to service for the Martellus dynasty.

Class: Frigate Hull: Sword-class Turret Rating: 2
Speed: 9 Shields: 1
Manoeuvrability: +25 Armour: 18
Detection: + 5 (+ 25) Hull Integrity: 32

Dimensions: 1.6 km long, .3 km abeam at fins (approx)
Mass: Approx 6.1 megatonnes
Crew: 30,500 (approx)
Accel: 4.7 gravities maximum sustainable

Complications/Past History:
Planetbound for Millenia
System Degradation
Relic of the Past
Adventurous Machine Spirit

Essential Components: Suplemental Components:
Modified Jovian Class 2 Engines Arboretum
Ancient Life Sustainer Observation Deck
Emergency Gellar Field Barracks
Repulsor Void Shield Luxury Quarters
Bridge of Antiquity Trophy Room
Strelov I Warp Drive Murder-Servitors
Clan-kin Quarters Cherubim Aerie
m-201.b Auger Array Teleportarium
Space Available: 40 Power Available: 45
Space Used: 40 Power Used 45
Maximum Current
Crew % : 102
Morale 98
Weapon Capacity: 2 Dorsal 0 Prow 0 Keel 0 Port 0 Starboard
Weapons Strength Crit Rating Damage Range Location
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Battery 3 4 d10+3 6 Dorsal
Pyros Macrocannon Battery 3 5 d10+4 4 Dorsal
Atomics (1) d5+4 d10+6 as weapon as weapon

Small Craft Capacity: 60
1 Gun-cutter
5 Aquila Landers configured for Luxury
30 Halo Barges

  • Modified Jovian Pattern 2 Engines (Archaeotech)
    • Overcharged: +1 speed
  • Ancient Life Sustainer
    • Sweet Air: Increase morale by 2, reduce non-combat crew loss by 1.
  • Emergency Gellar Field
    • Autoengagement Routines: if the ship unexpectedly enters warp, the Gellar field automatically engages on a d10 roll of 3+.
  • Repulsor Void Shield
    • Charged Particle Repulsion: The ship suffers no manoeuvre penalties in nebulae, ice rings, plasma clouds or celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles.
  • Bridge of Antiquity
    • Eyes Everywhere: +10 to all Command or Social tests while on the bridge
    • Hololithic Display Tank: Increase Ship’s Manoeuvrability by +5
  • m-201.b Auger Array
    • Sensitive: +5 Detection
  • Clan-Kin Quarters
    • For Hearth and Home!: +5 to defend against hit and run and boarding, and all morale loss is reduced by 1 (minimum 1)
  • Arboretum
    • Replenishing Supplies: double the time a ship may remain in the void before suffering morale loss. +2 Crew Population.
  • Observation Dome
    • Engraved Star Charts: +50 Achievement points towards exploration
    • Cure for Claustrophobia: +1 permanent morale
  • Barracks
    • Soldiers and Reinforcements: +100 AP towards Military objectives, if troops embarked, +20 command for boarding and hit and run actions.
  • Luxury Quarters
    • When working towards Criminal, Creed, or Trade objectives, +100 AP
    • Class Division: -3 Crew Morale
  • Trophy Room:
    • Past Experiences: +50 AP towards Exploration, Trade or Criminal
  • Murder-Servitors
    • Death-dealers: +20 command when used in Hit and Run actions
    • Precise: When determining a Hit & Run Critical Hit, the character commanding the raid may choose a number between 1 and 6 rather than rolling.
  • Cherubim Aerie
    • Superstition: Decrease crew morale by 1.
    • Efficiency: +1d10+10 achievment points when completing any endeavor.
  • Teleportarium
    • Surprise Strike: You may conduct hit and run without a piloting phase. When conducted in this way, you receive +20 to the command test. (The teleportarium may be used a number of other ways as well)
  • Adventurous Machine Spirit: +10 Detection while on an Endeavor. -10 Detection when without purpose.

+160+1d10 towards Criminal, Trade, +110+d10 to all other achievement types.


Originally christened the Anatolian, the Vengeful Hammer of Dawn is nearly as old as the Martellus family itself. It first saw service as a Battlefleet Obscurus ship primarily assigned to anti-piracy patrols. and transferred after several centuries to the Calyx Expanse, where it rode herd on Rogue Trader convoys and continued to fill an anti-piracy role. Records show that it was lost some time between 328.m37 and 340.m37.

It had run afoul of xenos raiders in the system of 314×.b-17, near the system’s third planet – a world barely habitable by humanity. The fell xenos weaponry disabled the ship’s bridge and disrupted the Machine Spirit’s link to many functions of the ship. While barely able to land the Anatolian without shattering her, they knew they would never get her aloft on their own. The crew were trapped aboard ship – the massive airlocks and bay doors too heavy to escape without the aid of the Machine spirit. Over several years after the crash landing – Landing in the clan-crew’s reckoning of time – the crew survivors were able to pry open the escape hatches. Convinced the ship was dead, they set about surviving as best they could. Between the shipboard hydroponics systems, local forage, and sheer bloody-mindedness, the descendents of the crew, the Anatolian Clan, have lived in the hulk, eking out a pitiful existence upon 314×.b-17 Tertius, for four millennia, fervently praying to the God-Emperor for their salvation.

That salvation came in 650.m41, ten years ago, when an Explorator vessel passed through 314×.b-17. It recorded the bare traces of the Anatolian’s barely surviving machinery, and while unable to detour to explore fully, chartered the Martellus Dynasty to follow up upon the discovery. Over the next ten years, work has been underway in repairing the worst of the hull damage, training the Anatolian Clan up to basic levels of competence in shipboard duties, and carefully excavating the ship, lifting it off the planet, and returning it to Port Wander for a full refit and repair. The Martellus Dynasty has claimed the ship as their own, and assigned Sebastian Martellus as her new captain, who has rechristened her The Vengeful Hammer of Dawn – a change that led to a confrontation with the former headman of the Anatolian Clan.

Vengeful Hammer of Dawn

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