Dawn of the Expanse

Pyx/Chiv Z-01x

Entrusted to Magos Technologis Annarette

May the Omnissiah favor you this day, Magos.

It has come to our attention that your vessel, the Vengeful Hammer of Dawn will be embarking soon for the Koronus Expanse and that you are seeking information relevant to the area of the Expanse commonly designated “Crystal Cayes.”

Navigator reports indicate that the Immaterium is highly turbulent in the vicinity.

Multiple reports indicate some sort of warp disturbance, echoing something much like the Imperial Prayer for Salvation, but originating from vessels never known to be in the Expanse.

Naval reports indicate a statistically higher incidence of piracy within a twenty light-year sphere, concentrating near known warp routes.

Thulian Explorator Vessels have returned data on several star systems in the vicinity. While in the area, we ask that House Martellus survey a particularly promising example – see attachments for further information on the system. In particular, we require gas spectrometry of the Gas Giant designated Secondus, and mineral surveys of the terrestrial planet designated Primus. The Adeptus Mechanicus claims mining rights to these two bodies, Further claims on the system are at your dispensation.

attachment: Warp routes to Pyx/Chiv Z-01x
attachment: Unnamed System z01x

Thought for the Day: Knowledge is Power