Sabastion Martellus

Quick-tempered, bilious, and driven, Sabastion sees becoming a Rogue Trader as the most certain path for revenge and fortune (in that order).


WS: 36 BS: 41 S: 34 T: 36 Ag: 32 In: 45 Pr: 44 WP: 41 Fl: 48

Fate: 3 Corruption: 0 Insanity: 5 Wounds: 11

Awareness (trained)
Charm (Basic)
Command (Trained)
Commerce (Trained, +10% to Challenges)
Common Lore [Imperium] (Basic)
Common Lore [Rogue Trader] (Basic)
Evaluate (Basic)
Forbidden Lore [Pirate] (Basic)
Literacy (Basic)
Scholastic Lore [Astromancy] (Basic)
Speak [High Gothic] (Trained)
Speak [Low Gothic] (Trained)

Talents & Traits:
Renowned Warrant
Air of Authority
Peer [Nobility]
Peer [Mercantile]
Armour of Contempt
Resist [Fear]
Talented [Commerce]

Special Abilities
Exceptional Leader (+10% bonus to other’s challenges)

Profit Factor: +1

(Good Craftsmanship) Hand Cannon
(Best Craftsmanship) Mono Sword
(Best Craftsmanship) Enforcer Light Carapace
Void suit
Set of Fine Clothing
Xeno-pelt Cloak


Sabastion Martellus, the scion of the ancient Martellus family. As a young man, his personal yacht was captured by pirates and thus ensued a months-long captivity filled with torture and beatings. But Sabastion was not completely helpless during his imprisonment; he ferreted out some of the forbidden lore of the pirates and their ilk, so that when the time for his vengeance came, he would know – and exploit – all their weaknesses and faults. His captivity ended when his family’s personal marines caught up with the rogues, ending the careers of his would-be captors in a vicious, blood soaked battle.
Ever since then, Sabastion has been hyper critical of underlings, often imposing draconian rules to instill discipline and fear in his crew. He has also dedicated his life to purging ‘damned splitters’ and other heretics from the universe, even venturing into the Koronus Expanse (and sometimes beyond) to hunt them down.
Bound by duty to his family, he expands the family’s fortune during his vengeance-fueled travels, often ripping the spines from any pirate he comes across while funneling their wealth into his family’s coffers.
Through the power vested in him by his family’s ancient and renowned warrant, Sabastion now leads his own crew aboard the Vengeful Hammer of Dawn, a resurrected ancient warship, into the Koronus Expanse in search of revenge, fortune, and renown. Though he is harsh and drives his crew – even his ship’s officers – mercilessly, he is protective of them and wary of the traps which lie in abundance in the universe, lest past misfortunes repeat themselves.

Sabastion Martellus

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