House Rules

Character creation is as outlined in the Rogue Trader rulebook except as follows.

After rolling your attributes, you may assign them freely.

Origin Path: You are allowed 1 row upon the crew Origin Path to select any square you want. You must proceed before and after the path as if the chosen square were a valid continuation of the original path.

The expanded Origin Path options presented in Into the Storm, including Lineage, are valid, if you wish to spend xp upon them rather than career path advancements. Note the new Birthplace options cost no experience.

For your character’s initial acquisition, do not take planetary modifiers into account.

Your first ship has been provided for you by your Dynasty.

Dark Heresy characters with 5000 xp are valid, but please see me before deciding to play one.

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) and (Universal) are combined. I don’t believe a rogue trader stops knowing how to use a power sword just because he switches it off. If you have both of these talents, you may take the (Talented) (skill) talent in place of Melee Weapon Training (Primitive).

House Rules

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