Bridge Officers
Sebastion Martellus, the vengeance driven scion of the Martellus Dynasty.
Aubray “Bruce” Patronius, the rough and tumble warrior from Australius VII
Killian, Master Helmsman
Jezzabel, Purser
Anarette, Engineseer Prime, seeker of ancient lore.

The Astropathic Choir:
Astropath Adept Sadiq
Apprentice Adept Allora
Astropath Adept Sadiq

The Navigator Enclave:
Master Navigator Gaius Sabinus
Journeyman Navigator Titus Sabinus
Journeyman Navigator Lucius Sabinus

The Shrine of Mars:
Tech Adept Norman
Tech Adept Rowe
Tech Adept Stryx
Tech Adept Kanaka

Chiefs of the Anatolian Clan


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