Orbest Dray


Thought for the Day: The burden of failure is the most terrible punishment of all


Nearly a century ago, Orbest Dray served aboard the Emperor’s Testament as a Vox operator and Auger technician, apprenticed under the Master of Etherics Solomon Martin and serving Captain Vos Karlorn. On a voyage relaying a Ministorium Mission to a recently rediscovered world in the Koronus Expanse, the Testament was caught in a warp storm; in the midst of that roiling turmoil, the Astropath heard a faint message; a cry for salvation in an Imperial code. Emerging from the Immaterium in a strange and uncharted system, believing the message to be from the rest of the fleet, the astropaths quickly realized that the message was ancient, an echo in the warp hundreds, if not thousands, of years old. When it was examined more closely, they discovered just what they had stumbled onto – an Astropathic marker from the ship the Righteous Path.

A loyal servant of the Dynasty, Karlorn determined that he must first return to the fleet and entrust the marker to the Rogue Traders of the dynasty. Upon returning to Port Wander, Karlorn found orders awaiting him to transfer his ship to aid operations in the Segmentum Ultima. Leaving Dray and a small stasis casket, gene-locked to the Dynasty, he set underway towards his new post, trusting that Carollus Martellus would return and undertake the rediscovery of the Righteous Path.

After nearly a year passed with no sign of a member of the Martellus dynasty returning, Dray decided he should make for Footfall, to see what could be heard from his sources there. Carollus Martellus did return to Port Wander soon after, but Dray’s journeys – journeys that should take only a few weeks either way, took him the better part of a century. It’s obvious from seeing him – old beyond his years, with haunted eyes and a closed off manner – that he has seen things no mortal should see. Some might say he is cursed, to have voyaged upon two different ships, both running afoul of such terrible perils of the warp. He is only happy to have finally found a member of the Martellus Dynasty, so that he can discharge his duty.

Orbest Dray

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