Dawn of the Expanse

Part 1: The Beginning

In which the stage is set

You have all served with one another for the past several years as servants of the Martellus Dynasty, groomed to one day run your own ship, and make your own way in the galaxy for the glory and profit of the Dynasty. You’ve been trained hard, you’ve seen and done more than the average Imperial citizen ever dreams of.

Your day has come. You arrived at Port Wander several days ago, and your transport ferried you directly to the newest ship to enter service with the Martellus Dynasty. You’ve had several days to explore the ship, get to know the chiefs of the Anatolian clan, survey the arms, supplies and repair work done upon the ship, and get to know your way around. However, there’s only so long you can hide aboard ship before you have to shuttle to Port Wander and begin the business of the Dynasty that brought you here…



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